I just received an unsolicited email from a company offering me an SEO audit of my site, to be followed up no doubt, with a sales pitch for some link building work at £100pm+. After spending all of 2 minutes checking out their site, I decided I should write them a “thanks but no thanks” reply, together with a bit of feedback/advice:


Very kind of you to write, but I think I’ll be avoiding an SEO company that spells link building as “Link Buidling” on their website & doesn’t even change the homepage recommendation: “Within 3 months of working with First Inline we were on the front page of Google for over 10 phrases”!

As you say, “What does your website say about your business? First impressions count. If people see an outdated badly designed company they assume the same about the business.” Perhaps this should read website?

I picked these three things out from a quick scan of your website & it doesn’t really display much attention to detail does it, especially when you’re trying to sell your service to me?!

Kind regards

If you’re going to try to sell SEO & Link Building to people, I would’ve thought your own site has to be pretty spot on and there seem to be loads of these companies running at the moment, offering SEO from websites that contain very little real content and containing basic grammatical errors & spelling mistakes.

It looks like the First Inline website was built by the same person as the Eclipse SEO one & the telephone numbers for each company are very similar & from Leeds, so presumably both these “businesses” are being run from the same place, although no address appears on their site, so more alarm bells should be ringing!!

If any of these companies approach you & start telling you how they can improve your website, give theirs a good look over first!!! To quote Eclipse SEO “What does your website say about your business? First impressions count.